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Tourism services

Information center for travelers who visit Lori region. Center is located in Vanadzor city.

Adress:1 Hayq Square, Vanadzor city, Lori region,RA
Tel: + 374 91 041323

Information center for travelers who visit Tavush region.

Adress: 1 Sahmanadrutyan st, Ijevan city, Tavush region, RA
Tel: + 374 91 808810

Dilijan Information Center Offers booking and guide services, available tour packages, bicycles ret, tents and other camping equipment.

Adress: 15/2 Maxim Gorky st, Dilijan city, Tavush region,RA
Tel: +374 94 399336

Information center for travelers who visit Shirak region.

Adress: Shirak Regional administrative building, 2 nd floor, G. Njdeh av. 16, Gyumri city, Shirak region, RA
Tel:  +374 77 863011

Dilijan National Park is one of the four national parks of Armenia.It is famous for its crystal-clear air, rich flora and fauna. Dilijan National Park was established in 2002 on the basis of the state nature reserve, which in its turn was established in 1958 on the basis of the former Dilijan and Kuybishev forest enterprises. Dilijan National Park is important for the conservation of forest landscapes, recreation and health protection purposes, as well as economic activities due to the presence of favorable conditions. The nature of the park is very picturesque. You can find sunny flowering glades and beautiful lakes in the midst of dense green forests.

Tel: +374 268 27171

Lake Arpi National Park is one of four protected national parks of Armenia. Occupying an area of 250 km², it is in the northwestern Shirak Province. Formed in 2009, it is located around Lake Arpi at the Shirak and Javkheti plateau, at a height of 2000 meters above sea level. The park is surrounded by the Yeghnakhagh mountains in the west and the Javakheti Range in the northwest.

Tel: +374 98 018007

“Khosrov Forest” State Reserve – one of the richest with biodiversity nature reserves’ in the temperate zone of the Earth. The reserve is a real natural treasure in the heart of Republic of Armenia. Covering only 23 878 ha, Khosrov Forest is a home for more than the half of the flora of Armenia (more than 3500 species) and about 1/3 of the wealth of the Caucasus flora (about 6000 species). The big range of mountainous ecosystems are habitats of 283 species of vertabrates, inlcuding highely endangered Caucasian leopard, Bezoar goat, Black vulture, Caspian snowcock, Armenian viper etc.

Tel: +374 234 21352

Sevan National Park, is one of the four protected national parks of Armenia, founded in 1978 to protect Lake Sevan and the surrounding areas. It is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Environment and includes a research center, which monitors the ecosystems, and undertakes various conservation measures. Licensed fishing on the lake is also regulated.

Tel: + 374 261 24044

Arevik National Park, including Boghaqar sanctuary, totals 34,400 hectares in South-eastern Armenia. Established in October 2009, it is one of the region’s newest protected areas. The park employs 31 rangers and staff members and provides critical habitat for the highly endangered Caucasus leopard and a variety of important ecosystems, including Juniper open woodlands, sub-alpine and alpine meadows, mountain steppe and semi-desert.

Recent sightings in Southern Armenia and Azerbaijan give us hope that the leopard population is returning to Armenia and the region. Along with the leopard, Arevik is home to the endangered Bezoar goat, Armenian mouflon, brown bear and Caspian snowcock.

The national park supports mutual beneficial cooperation with “Shikahogh” Reserve and neighboring communities in development of ecotourism, appropriate use of pastures and other natural resources.


Erebuni Museum of History of Foundation of Yerevan was established in 1968. The opening of the museum was timed to coincide with the 2750th anniversary of Yerevan. The Museum stands at the foot of the Arin Berd hill, on top of which the Urartian Fortress Erebouni has stood since 782 BCE.

Tel: +374 10 438953

Officially Sochut Dendropark named after Edmund Leonowicz, commonly knowns as Stepanavan Dendropark, is an arboretum located near the Gyulagarak village, Lori Province, Armenia. Located around 85 km north of the capital Yerevan, the park was founded in 1931 by Polish engineer-forester Edmund Leonowicz. The arboretum is 35 ha in total of which 17.5 ha consist of natural forest and 15 ha of ornamental trees.


The Ijevan Dendropark is an arboretum in Tavush that is open to visitors year-round.  The park contains over 650 different varieties of plants and trees and many have been transported from various parts of the world.


Vanadzor Botanical Garden was founded in 1936 and is located at the southern end of the city of Vanadzor, about 1400 – 1450 meters above sea level.  More than 1000 kinds of plants grow there, and most of the plants are representatives of the following families: Pinaceae , Cupressaceae , Rosaceae , Caprifoliaceae, Salicaceae , Oleaceae and Fabaceae.


Transport services

Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport, the main gateway to Armenia, has been operating since 1961. The airport is located in 10 km from Yerevan. The operational indexes of the aerodrome (the geometric size and the capability of the aerodrome pavement) allow operating IL-86, AN-124 and similar aircrafts.

The aerodrome navigation system provides landing for aircraft at 30 x 350m meteo minima, which complies with ICAO Category II. In 1990s the considerable growth of cargo shipment resulted the construction of a cargo terminal in 1998, with an annual handling capacity of about 100,000 tons of cargo. The modern technical equipment, which is installed and operates in the cargo terminal comply with the current requirements of accepting, storage, custom clearance and transportation.

In compliance with the international standards new service facilities for VIP passengers and official delegations are functioning in the airport.


Shirak Airport in Gyumri, has been operating since 1961, and is the second in the Republic of Armenia with its operation and economic indexes. The airport is located about in 5 km from Gyumri City.

The operational indexes of the aerodrome (the geometric size and the capability of the aerodrome pavement) allow operating TU-154, IL-76 and similar aircrafts. This played a great role in liquidation of the consequences of the disastrous earthquake of 1988.

The aerodrome navigation system provides landing for aircraft at 80x1000m meteo minima.

At present Gyumri airport realizes scheduled flights to Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi and other cities.



GG is an on-demand transportation platform connecting drivers and passengers in all major cities of Armenia, providing intercity transfers, services of trucks and evacuators. The company was founded in 2014 and got investments from the Armenian venture capital firm Granatus Ventures. Starting from Armenia, gg now operates in Georgia (since 2016) and Russia (since 2018) with over 100,000 monthly active users.

 Europecar Car Rent:

Hertz Car Rent:

“SOUTH CAUCASUS RAILWAY” Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC)

The Yerevan Train Station can be found at Tigran Mets Avenue around 2.7 kilometers from the center of Yerevan (Republic Square). Station can be reached easily via the metro.  You will need to disembark at Sasuntsi Davit Metro Station and it is located right above that.

The Yerevan Railway Station is open 24-hours of the day, 7 days a week.

The following routes run to and from the Yerevan Central Railway Station:

Yerevan — Batumi (in summer; this train will pass and stop in Tbilisi)

Yerevan — Tbilisi (in winter)
Yerevan — Gyumri
Yerevan — Ararat
Yerevan — Araks
Yerevan — Yeraskh

Are you seeking to go from Yerevan to Lake Sevan by train?  You will need to reach the Almast Railway Station and not the main station in Yerevan.

If you’re looking for more information regarding the train schedules going to and from Yerevan, click here

Information about public transport in Armenia you can find follow the link:

Also, you can use this website . It will helps you to find public transportation from point A to point B.