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Hotel, Restaurant

LLC Badia

Badia is a cozy hotel run by family members with different professions. Their aim is to create a warm and enjoyable environment for visitors. Badia also offers a boutique hotel on the second floor with picturesque views of Caucasian Mountains.

Ana got western knowledge and practice in winemaking, so she will assist you to choose the best Georgian wine and help you with food pairing.

Amiko is a wizard of local ingredients and is in charge of the interior of Badia.

Nana is supervising the kitchen and the personnel of Badia.

Enjoy a variety of traditional dishes with modern take, using carefully chosen ingredients and Georgian wine.

Hosts offer innovative and unique wine interactive activities like “Saperavi Wine Magic”, the idea belongs to the founder of Badia, Ana Khitarishvili. The game gives opportunity to the visitors to get information about Georgian Wine History, wine service and varieties of Georgian Wine.