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Chateau Kiramala

Wine Cellar, Restaurant, Hotel

Chateau Kiramala

In the 80’s there was a very famous restaurant “Kiramala” on the site of the chateau, on the ruins of which It was  built a chateau, hence it kept the name of the cellar and was  named as “Chateau Kiramala”. Such complexes are very attractive for tourists/ vacationers/visitors today, the terrain is also very attractive, because the area is completely immersed in beautiful nature and one kilometre away from the protected areas of Lagodekhi.

There are small springs that form small streams and flow into the lake, surrounded by 10 hotel cottages with their own swimming pool. Vacationers on the lake can have fun, we also have horses and we have horseback riding tours.

The name of the hotel is also related to Kiramala and is “Villa Kiramala” because this name and place are very recognizable and helps the owner of the hospital  in attracting visitors a lot.

The nearby cultivated vineyard also gives a very beautiful visual to the chateau, where the vacationer can freely participate in the Rtveli/Vintage and crush it in kvervri/pitcher. In  winter even attend the chacha making process, which is also attractive to all vacationers/ visitors.

All of this plays a very important role in the success of the chateau as a whole.