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Guest House Zebo


Guest House Zebo

Village Gobroneti, in the mountainous Adjara, hosts a cozy guesthouse “Zebo.” The guesthouse can accommodate 10-12 visitors and offers them various activities:

  • Walking tour around the village “Gobroneti.”
  • Visiting local natural and cultural monuments
  • Tasting traditional Georgian cuisine
  • Homemade wine tasting (different local varieties)
  • Chacha distillation process watching 
  • Agro-tour – getting acquainted with typical Adjarian village life and traditional farming practices; visits to local smithery, taking care of hives and beekeeping, dairy production, agriculture – growing tobacco, cattle breeding, product storage, etc.

Hikers will love their touristic walking routes:

  • Eco Route 12km from Gobroneti to the mountain Latevri
  • Gobroneti-Akho-Gegelidzeebi walking  

Jeep tours are also available if you’re too exhausted from hiking.

You can spend the evenings in the newly renovated dining room with your friends and family and observe the local folklore performances.