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Nazy's Guest House

Nazy’s Guest House


Nazy’s Guest House

Nazy’s Guest House is an enchanting family home, guest house and horse trekking enterprise 2 hours drive from Tbilisi. It is located in the heart of the beautiful and wild Pankisi Valley in the mountainous region of north-eastern Georgia. This is home to the hospitable Kist community. Nazy’s Guest House is a traditional rural home and subsistence farm situated next to the Alazani River in the tranquil village of Jokolo. It is surrounded by dense foothills and overlooked by High Caucasus mountains. The air is clean and the water is refreshing. This is a perfect place to relax or explore the beautiful natural scenery around Pankisi Valley and nearby High Caucasus mountains of Tusheti and Khevsureti.

Nazy’s Guest House offers an adventure trek which starts from Pankisi Valley in the High Caucasus foothills and journeys high into Tusheti and returns to Pankisi Valley. The trek is by horse or by walking accompanied by an experienced local guide. We offer new mountain-bike tour services for guests. Guests can hire excellent quality mountain bikes for exploring Pankisi Valley at leisure or go trail-blazing into the High Caucasus Mountains. Nazy’s Guest House offers cooking classes in traditional Georgian and Kist cuisine and gastronomic tours. This is a great opportunity to learn how to prepare delicious dishes. We have our own vegetable garden which provides for most of our needs and the produce is organic, healthy and chemical free. Our guests can have a tour around our vegetable and fruit garden and pick fresh vegetables and herbs they will use as ingredients. Nazy’s Guest House is a non-smoking and non-alcohol establishment.

Nazy’s Guest House is a real gem for all different kinds of travellers. Our prices and special offers will suit groups and families with young children. For short or long breaks book your accommodation and tours with us now and join the privileged few to discover Georgia’s enchanting and peaceful Pankisi Valley! One of the most exciting attractions in the Pankisi Valley is seeing the mystical ritual of Zikr, which is performed by women every Friday in a local mosque. Zikr is the name of devotional remembrance in Islam in which short phrases or prayers are repeatedly recited. Nazy’s Guest House can arrange for guests to attend women’s or men’s Zikr.