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In which protected areas of Georgia is fishing allowed?

In the protected areas, that are under the management of Agency of Protected Areas, sports and amateur fishing, within the framework of terms and conditions according to the Legislation of Georgia, is allowed only in: Kintrishi Protected Landscape, Gardabani Managed Nature Reserve, Kolkheti National Park, Chachuna Managed Nature Reserve, Korughi Managed Nature Reserve, Iori Managed Nature Reserve, Vashlovani National Park and Javakheti Protected areas.

Fishing on species protected by “Red List” is prohibited in all the categories of theprotected areas.

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A variety of fish species, suitable shores, and attractive natural landscapes make Azerbaijan a perfect place for fishing tourism (combined with birdwatching, beachcombing, or kayaking). 

Residents of Baku and nearby settlements often practice fishing in some parts of the Caspian shores. Pirallahi Island is one of the most suitable places in Absheron where locals go fishing and you can too. 

Fishing is part of the lifestyle of local people and is a great source of food. The fishermen patiently wait for the biggest possible fish on the bank of the river Kura. You can also participate in recreational activity in the nearby four-star “River Side” hotel. 

Fishing opportunities for tourists are offered at both fresh and salt lakes of the Greater Caucasus, Talysh Mountains, and Kura-Aras plain.

These rivers are also great for wildlife observation, birdwatching, nature photography, boating, catamaran riding, and sport hunting. So pack your bags for more than just a fishing experience. 

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