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Tourists often roam Georgia in winter to enjoy active winter sports. Gudauri, Bakuriani, and Mestia are the most often-visited places that offer the best skiing experience. Visit the Georgian Travel Guide to read more about the ski resorts in Georgia.

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If you are looking for adventure in the unknown snowy paths of the Caucasus Mountains and want to draw your own line on the snow than Gudauri Freeride Tours are for you. 

Gudauri Freeride Tours offers to discover Georgian freeride life in the Gudauri mountains. Experienced and highly professional guides will help you to sharpen your freeriding techniques and help you to get the best out of the journey.


If you’d rather ski down the Azerbaijan mountainous areas, you should spend a few days in the Shahdag Tourism Center in Gusar. You’ll be greeted with modern infrastructure, cozy hotels, and local restaurants.

For skiing enthusiasts tired of traditional slopes, Azerbaijan’s ski resorts in the Caucasus Mountains are a spectacular change of scenery.

Try the  Shahdag Mountain Resort , Tufandag Mountain Resort or Quba Shahdag Group Tours. 

 Tufandag in Gabala includes a modern hotel, a cable car, and trails. You can climb the mountain and ski very comfortable ski tracks. Klick here to explore more.