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Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning rides are unforgettable experiences to discover picturesque landscape from above! Sky travel offers flights on Alazani Valley and Mukhrani Valley.  In Tbilisi you can enjoy the beautiful and panoramic views of the city at a height of 150 meters from the air balloon gondola during the day or night.


Visit Airballoon Tbilisi.

You can often see skies full of hot air balloons in Armenia. It’s a favorite pastime of locals and visitors. And if you’d love to fly over the mountains, rivers, and lakes, this might be your type of activity. 

In winter, you can fly in hot air balloons at any hour during the daytime. In summer, flights are conducted once a day because of the powerful airstreams and solar activity hindering the balloons.

Rides feel great taking in the view from the sky to the ground below. Hot air balloons decorated with flowers fly over the city as part of the Flower Festival. Flowers are shipped to Azerbaijan from all over the world and are displayed in artistic arrangements around the city.

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