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Rafting in Georgia

Are you hungry for adrenaline and seek adventure? If rafting is your sport, then visit Pshavi’s Aragvi in Pasanauri, Georgia. 

It’s a bit of a challenge to raft through rivers full of rocks and various speeds on an inflatable boat, but that’s the beauty of the sport, isn’t it?

Rafting has always been popular in Georgia, and it has been attracting more and more non-professionals lately. 

Local agencies organize rafting trips and offer their clients safe and careful experiences. With experienced instructors and quality boats, you can cover about 15 km rafting on the mountainous rivers from Magharoskari to Tvalivi. 

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Professional rafters often visit the Dzoraget and Debet River from June to October for the best experience. Rafting is a relatively new but highly popular type of extreme tourism in Armenia. 

Debet River is 152km long (difficulty level 4). The Dzoraget river is more suitable for experienced rafters. 

A rafting tour can last for 4 to 7 days, depending on the season and the group’s training. Rafting tour organizers often advise visiting Armenia in May for the best weather conditions for rafting. 

This area is rich with sightseeing (Lori Berd fortress, Khnevank monastery), so you will have something exciting ahead in the breaks between rafting trips.