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Do you want to hike in unspoiled landscapes among treasures which must be protected for the future generations? Hike and explore the best sustainable tourism destinations in Georgia.

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Likani Hiking Trail

If you are willing to refresh after tiredness week than Likani hiking tour is a great option to discover the breathtaking nature. Likani is related to Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, which is one of the biggest Protected Areas in Georgia. It is distinguished with unique and rare flora and fauna. 

Before visiting the trail you need to register at Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Visitors Center. Due to COVID-19, make sure to wear a mask while entering the building. The local visitor specialist will give you a full of information about the trip. 

The 8 kilometers circular trail starts from ranger station which is 5 kilometers away from the visitor center. The trail leads by the Chitakhevi ridge and beautiful panoramic views. 

The nature and smell of plants will give you a full refreshment and relaxation, which will glow your trip. You can sit and enjoy a picnic in the forest.

Besides, you can pass this trail by walking or arrange a bike tour. It costs 35 GEL. 

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Trip to the colorful Abudelauri Lakes

If you wish to spend a night in wild nature and put a camp near the lake, then you definitely have to go to Abudelauri, where you will find not one, but three lakes of different colors. Green, Blue and White lakes are located in the 10 km from village Roshka, Khevsureti Region. The trail which leads to lakes is surrounded by high mountains, crystal clear water springs and flower fields.

At 2600 meters above the sea, you will find Green and Blue lakes where you can put a camp and spend the night. Higher above 2800 meters White lake is hidden among the cliffs and ice. These beautiful lakes create the feeling of peace and excitement at the same time, so we put them in the list of must-see places of Georgia.

In case you are not ready for camping, you may spend the night in the cozy guest house in Roshka as well.

Do not miss the village Chargali on the way to Roshka. This is a homeland of Vaja Pshavela, one of the greatest poets of Georgia. You may see the old house where he used to live and a museum.

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Discover mysterious towers of Khevsureti

Pshav-Khevsureti is a historical-ethnographic region in eastern Georgia. Like other mountainous areas of Georgia, Khevsureti is characterized by a great diversity of traditions and customs. The architecture of Khevsureti is mostly highly fortified and defensive in character, featuring a profusion of towers clinging to the mountainsides, signifying constant vigilance in the face of enemy attack. You can visit Pshav-Khevsureti National Park, towers, one of the most prominent Georgian writer’s Vazha-Pshavela village Chargali and village Mutso, a recipient of European Heritage Award for Conservation.

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Hiking in Armenia

What drives hikers to Armenia? Imagine mountainous terrain, semi-deserts, and alpine meadows combined in one place. 

We recommend visiting Armenia in the fall, as it is the mildest season with average temperatures between 15° and 18° C. But if you’d like to experience rainy hikes, Spring here is amazing. 

Armenia has an extensively rich cultural heritage. So don’t be amazed when you come across historical and cultural sites on your hikes. Some routes themselves are historical, as they date back to medieval times and potentially even the Iron Age. 

More great news for hikers is the Transcaucasian Trail. Launched by an avid hiker, this movement builds a trail that will take you through the three countries of the South Caucasus, including Armenia. When you travel to Armenia, you can book hiking not only in Armenia but also in Western Armenia.

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Azerbaijan boasts stunning landscapes and is home to beautiful mountains in the Caucasus Range. Furthermore, the Caspian Sea to the east and the beautiful historical landmarks and castles that are scattered all around the country make Azerbaijan a land of wonder that you will love to discover on a hiking adventure.

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