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Honey Making

Georgian fairy tales and proverbs can testify to the great love and appreciation of Georgians for bees. People here consider bees to be divine insects. Historical sources show that local people have created a cult around bees and that domestic beekeeping was prevalent even in the fourth century. 

The climate in Georgia serves well for these insects. They have nice weather and thousands of wildflowers to float around. Such conditions allow the production of different types of high-quality honey in the country. 

Make sure to observe how Georgians take care of their bees and beehives and how they make the honey domestically. 

Honey making is a unique and exciting activity that you must try once you visit Armenia. Honey is nature’s sweet gold and has been worshiped through centuries as a symbol of wealth and happiness, as god’s food and healing agent. 

Beekeeping is one of the oldest forms of animal husbandry. Historians have recorded beekeeping in Armenia since ancient times, with the first such note coming from Xenophon in 430-355 AD.

You can visit Holani – one of Armenia’s best honey and dried fruit producers. You can have your say in their mission to contribute to Armenian communities’ development and create unique value for the consumers.

See what Holani has to offer. 


Since ancient times, it has been believed that the “right” bees not only produce delicious honey but also perform as healers. 

Apitherapy, or bee sting therapy, is a unique attraction in Armenia. 

Visit some of the apitherapy organizations while traveling through the Caucasus. ArmBee Honey Farm is a guesthouse in the town of Alaverdi, Armenia. 

How does Apitherapy work?

There are beehives near the guesthouse and bees under the beds. Nets protect the beds, but they do enough job to let in the buzz and the smell of honey. It is said that such therapy creates healing waves that can help treat diseases of the respiratory system, the nervous system, heart diseases, and blood pressure issues.

You can have an hour of therapy or book a while night in the guesthouse. Just make sure to visit Sanahin, Haghpat, and Odzun monasteries while in Alaverdi. 

View the beautiful ArmBee Honey Farm here:

Azerbaijani people have been practicing beekeeping for centuries, and today it’s developing rapidly in all regions of Azerbaijan.  

Beekeeping is a purposeful activity in terms of sustainable development, especially in the mountainous areas, where it saves water and protects the soil while earning good money. 

The best honey in Azerbaijan is produced in the Ismayilli and Shamakhi regions. You will come across various beekeeping products among small beekeepers (honey, candles, etc.). The honey in the Azerbaijan mountains is not only delicious but also very good for health. 

Check the Balli – Honeyed or Arichiliq – Beekeeping and Ari aləmi – The world of bees


If you want to take Azerbaijani honey at home, you should visit honey fairs in major cities. Tourists visiting these fairs can find any type of honey.